BRAINGINE Powers Up Category Management:
Physical Retail Analytics

Our retail activity tracker app gives you real-time visibility of in-store conditions affecting the customer experience with your products.

Category management just got better with
BRAINGINE’s physical retail analytics.

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By using videos from cameras at retail sites and our
AI-fueled Physical Retail Analytics software, you can get insights to control:

• Plan-o-gram accuracy to reduce out-of-stocks and pricing errors
• Display compliance to boost incremental sales from promotions
• Product launch activity to optimize placement

Machine Vision System Gives You the Knowledge
You Need to Increase Retail Sales

Braingine’s Physical Retail Analytics gives you more control of your product at the store level

When your products leave your
manufacturing facility or warehouse, you’re
reliant on store managers and staff to:


Get your product on the shelf in the right pack-out, place, and price specified on plan-o-grams​


Execute your promotional display plans accurately and on time


Remove any expired products from the shelves


Get your product on the shelf in the right pack-out, place, and price specified on plan-o-grams​

In the absence of the Machine Vision system, you risk leaving your
customers with a bad experience that will drive them to buy from the
competition instead, and possibly never buy from you again.

To have field sales reps or store audits has been the traditional method of obtaining tracking data, however, as your business grows, you’ll need to funnel ever-increasing amounts of resources to cover all your points-of-sale, such an approach is not suitable to scalability. Not to mention, generally, point-of-sale data usually takes 1 to 4 weeks to interpret, delaying your ability to react to faulty in-store execution. Analyzing data and refining strategies to adapt, takes time.
  • How could you reduce the time it takes for data gathering through field visits?
  • Can you have more KPIs based on real-time?
  • Would it help to receive notifications based on business rules in real-time and beat the competition?

In a world where Data is the new Oil, it is unfair to keep some people blind because the Market Research Industry is outdated and unwilling to change.

Braingine’s Physical Retail Analytics gives you more control of your product at the store level:

You have real-time access to your product data and competitive poducts to ‘see’ store shelf activity. You don’t need to invest in market research that provides forensic information with unreliable sources for validation, and is hence, inaccurate.

Sales and Marketing teams can quickly react to real-time actionable guidance, calling stores, or sending reps to make sure in-store execution is precise.

You'll optimize inventory replenishment from the warehouse to shelf. Do away with the problems of overstock, out-of-stock, over inventories, over production, raw materials, supply chain problems, etc.

The Braingine Retail Machine Vision
- An Overview -

How are your customers reacting to your product displays?
Get actionable insights in a full data report!

Was your product picked over the competitor's or vice versa?
Get real-time reports!

Need to understand the reaction of your customers when they are experiencing your in-store product

Braingine delivers on all 5 attributes of an integral AI
software. In addition, it gives you flexibility that your
manufacturing or retail business requires.

Greater than 90% accuracy in product identification.

Training of new product presentations is vendor independent.

No technical background is needed to add new products to the AI model.

All AI compute operations occur on site, in real-time.

All analytical data is available to you.

Discover how Braingine provides brand managers with real-time insights

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“Category Management: Artificial Intelligence Powered"

Features of our Retail Machine Vision:

  • Is easily installed on any device or operating system, giving you a flexible tool for your field sales reps without investing in new equipment.
  • You have access to unlimited plan-o-grams, categories, regions, and products.
  • No technical knowledge is needed to add products to the Braingine AI.
  • On-site computations offset challenges of cloud applications and deliver:
  • Faster product identification
  • Improved accuracy and  model generation
  • Processing capability on mobile field devices, saving time and money
  • Powered by Intel for efficient, cost-effective data access.

We’ve brought Physical Retail Analytics into the retail and manufacturing world, so you have actionable insights to thrive, outpace the competition, and proactively respond to market situations.

"An optimal and timely display strategy execution can increase sales up to 12%."

– Karl Müdespacher, Braingine

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Category Management just got better with Braingine’s Physical Retail Analytics.

Contact our team, and we’ll schedule a convenient time to talk.

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