Vehicle Damages

When documenting vehicle damage, the pencil and paper walk-around method introduces mistakes that leave your company vulnerable as to knowing how, when and with which driver the damage occurred.

Who is Financially Responsible for the Damage?

When documenting vehicle damage, the pencil and paper walk-around method isn’t foolproof, oftentimes leaving uncertainty on how and when damage occurred.


What happens when an employee neglects to report damage during the check-in and check-out processes? If new damage is found then Braingine will identify it compared to the past, even if the vehicle was last seen in another Distribution Center.  An incident will be recorded and a supervisor is notified.


Fleet managers should also know who is financially responsible for the damage.


“Financial responsibility for the vehicle’s condition generally lies with the transit company while they have possession. Fleet managers should always be certain that all relevant parties have adequate coverage should damage occur during transit. If fleet managers need assistance with damaged vehicles, they should consult their fleet insurance expert,” said John Hayes, VP, fleet insurance services at LeasePlan USA.

Control and Reduce Vehicle Damage

Braingine will help you control and reduce Vehicle Damage

Accurately and Fast Identification

Accurately Vehicle Damage Identification: when, who and where

Cost Reduction

Chargeback the entity that's responsible for the Damage


Vehicle Damage is very common

Phil Schreiber, fleet manager North America, OTIS Service Center, noted that he sees about five to 10 vehicles damaged in transit each year. “However, I think it happens more often and is due to carelessness and a lack of knowledge with working equipment,” he said.

Avoid Impact to Brand Equity

Brand Equity Damage can occur when customers percieve lack of attention and control by a manufacturer over its fleet when  they see delivery trucks that present damage, scrapes or dents.  “If this is how they supervise their own trucks, how are they supervising the products they manufacture?”

How can Braingine help?

Braingine produces automatic and accurate vehicle damage documentation, differencing the new versus previous damages.

The new damages include the context of the damage and get documented as an incident, with appropriate notification to the defined supervisors.

Braingine makes your life easier and eliminates vulnerabilities to your company by performing the walk-around method.

Braingine automates the walk-around method for identifying Vehicle Damages

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