We are constantly looking for Service Partners, but not just any Service Partner, we are looking for the Best Service Partners so together we keep being the best and can even improve by challenging ourselves.


We share a common vision for the future and we know what we need to do to transform it.
We share a code of ethics, a commitment toward SDG goals and are working every day to make the world a better place, a place we are proud to build for our own children.


Shared Values


We own our responsibility and accept the consequences of our own actions

Stand Out

We Stand Out in the crowd, we are Singular, Different in the Best Way


We do what we say we will do


We Play as a Team


We Respect, Accept and Celebrate Uniqueness

Service Partners

We are a laboratory of tribes (3BE), ideas, studies and knowledge, prototypes, development, people, startups, co-investment and co-design, companies, and technologies that work to increment the value of your business. Our focus is in the integration of technology solution in real state, transportation, and digital sales.  We also work on our digital transformation and our digital legacy,  we share our knowledge with our clients business partners.  We can help you to create a 3BE for you.

Tienda Tec es una empresa proveedora de soluciones para el conteo de personas y medición de conversión a ventas, a través de sistemas electrónicos.

Con más de 10 años de experiencia, ofrece las mejores tecnologías y un poderoso e innovador software que puede ser fácilmente adaptado a las necesidades del cliente.